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We dives into the brand new Timberland White Mountaineering collaborative moment with Elitsa Taneva, global energy footwear designer at Timberland.



[Slam Jam] Hi Elitsa. You’ve been working at Timberland in the past 2 years, focusing on footwear design and global collabs.


What prompted the new collection with White Mountaineering?


[Elitsa] The collection 'Memories' of Aizawa is a voyage across time and space where diverse epochs are merged together. It’s a recall of history and modernity. Yosuke Aizawa gracefully melds vintage aesthetics with the sleek lines of contemporary silhouettes and embodying the brand's dedication to innovation and practicality. Therefore, the collaboration and selection of footwear brands, that have resonated from the past and to the present, are not coincidental.


How does getting together with external partners make Timberland stronger?


I think when looking for external partners we look for ones that align and share similar values / POV on product but also that allows us both to bring something to the table creating a true collaboration. Partners can help share our story and in the case of WM was finding a partner that lives in the outdoor space and could help tell our story and history in the outdoors through a modern lens.


What makes Timberland unique, in your opinion?


Timberland stands out due to its iconic products, for its heritage and legacy, for its versatility and style. Timberland boots transcends time and culture. Since the beginning the yellow boot was bold, and we like to bring newness to the silhouette season after season. It’s enough to bring something different to our consumers but also lean into something that feels familiar.

As a designer, it’s super exciting each season to approach our icons as blank canvases…. To consider what stories we want to tell through materials and color. We also know that our icons represent longevity… from the past and into the future. When you have an icon, it never goes out of style. This is appealing because it gives you the creativity and freedom to style yourself how you want.



Let’s go back in time. What is your first memory when you think about Timberland?


I grow up in Bulgaria and as a teenager I used to play basketball in the high school team. I’m talking about mid-late 90's and so basketball and hip-hop were hand n' hand and I remember very well DMX's iconic live performance when me and my friends were watching at home on MTV canal. He was wearing red overalls with red Timbs and that was it! I got so obsessed with the idea of those boots and moreover that they weren't yellow as the OG but red.


What do you think is the Golden Age of Timberland?


I think the 90s undeniably left an indelible mark not only for Timberland but on fashion and culture. It's essential to recognize that style icons from that era continue to influence and inspire trends today. The legacy of the 90s persists as a dynamic narrative in the ongoing evolution of fashion, with its iconic looks serving as both a nostalgic reference point and a constant source of reinterpretation for contemporary designers and enthusiasts. As fashion continues to evolve, the story of the 90s where Timberland as a style icon remains fluid and open-ended, continuously shaping and reshaping the cultural landscape.


What role did subcultures play in making Timberland what it is today?


Subcultures have played a significant role in shaping Timberland's identity and contributing to its unique appeal. Throughout its history has been embraced by various subcultures such as the 'paninaro' in Italy, the 'hip-hop' in US, garage and rave culture in UK etc., and each adding their own flair and perspective to the brand.

What is a subculture today, how does it work in relation to a product’s design?


I think subcultures undergo evolution as everything in life and they encompass a wide range of interests, including but not limited to music, fashion, hobbies, beliefs, and lifestyles. People trying to distinguish themselves in a unique way and getting more selective and looking to invest in pieces with longevity that can be built upon season after season. Elevated, timeless classics allow them greater creativity and room to create a variety of looks over multiple seasons. Additionally, a mindset toward sustainability and a desire for heritage products that are built to last is driving consumers to core icons which often are recall from the past.


Which subculture made Timberland the household name it is today and what is the one that will shape its future?


Timberland's rise to a household name is closely associated with the urban youth and hip-hop subcultures. As for the subculture that will shape Timberland's future it's challenging to predict with certainty but collaborations with artists, designers, and influencers is what makes it stay relevant in contemporary fashion and streetwear culture.

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